Love By Terry


BY Terry is a brand that I fell in love with at first mention. I think that the first time I heard about it was on the Beauty Blog that I have followed for many years by Vic Ceridono. She had always said wonderful things about Terry de Gunzburg the founder of the brand, but she talked mostly about the wonderful things that she had done while at YSL like the famous Touche Eclat But when she mentioned in one of her Youtube Videos this new product called BAUME DE ROSE, a lip balm that smells wonderfully of fresh roses which I simply could not resit. I became curious and I wanted to know more about the brand, so I went online to the most glamours beauty site that I know Violet Grey and bought myself the most expensive lip balms of my life, but one that works, is très chic, and which I know I will always treasure.

From that first purchase three years ago, to now, I have bought two more products. I enjoy and savor each and every one of the products. I take my time. I enjoy every product. This is a brand that listens to their customers. A customer friendly brand. They have always answered all my comments on Instagram and they seem open to suggestions. Not only that when they started their makeup line they made a point to think of women from different skin tones and ethnicity which in this day and age is a must.

After buying the first and original BAUME THE ROSE I decided to add a few more products to my list. In 2015 I ventured to buy the BAUME DE ROSE, Nutri-Couleur. n. 6 Toffee Cream. This year I bought the BAUME DE ROSE face cream which I am eager to try. Next stop will be the products from the make-up line and and the body products.


I love the fact that I have the chance to get to learn about a brand, slowly and carefully. I love trying each product and building a long-lasting relationship with a brand that has its customers in mind.

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  1. Marcela everything I read your post I get so excited because I am sure you will share something amazing … and for sure I will try by Terry!
    Loved the post!


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    1. marceladeaguiar diz:

      Thanks Claudia,
      I am still trying to figure everything out but I am really happy with the way things are taking shape.


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